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Article Cage Fighter from Speed & Sound


I feel honoured and anxious at the same time as I start strapping myself into the car. While initially hesitant, Sav has agreed to allow me to drive his latest and most vicious creation. I feel honoured because I’m a lowly scribe yet I am the only person, other than Sav himself, to ever have driven this car. Not even the close friends and the creative minds that slaved away at this project and had the opportunity.

It’s another man’s car. It’s his pride and joy and driving it is like taking his wife on a date. You need to treat her like a lady- nothing less. I get warned that the brakes won’t have any heat in them and neither will the tyres, so I shouldn’t take any chances. I must also remember not to ride the clutch, I will burn out the triple-plate Clutch masters unit and in short, I can’t afford to replace it.


My first observation is that I’m sitting far back in the car, the seat is nothing more than a carbon fibre shell and the MOMO steering wheel sits on the end of an extended steering column. I’m so far back that the Tilton pedal box is now in-line with the front of the dashboard and the Stack instrumentation feels miles away.

As I pull onto the track I try to get a feel for the car, but the brakes are in fact cold and under assisted and the steering is light and twitchy on centre. Despite being stripped out, it feels a little heavy, but I put that down to the wide sticks that are still very cold, causing it to understeer a fraction on turn in. Slowly things start to heat up and I know that I’m nowhere near the limit.

I carry a little too much speed into the fast right hander – or at least I think I do – but the car grips and turns, pulling everything that first seemed loose, tight in a reassuring fashion. Things start to make sense. It wasn’t built to do insane speeds in both a straight line and around corners.

Nothing quite prepares you for the shove you experience when the motor comes onto sing and the boost is rammed into the motor. It’s an aggressive power curve, one more akin to the delivery from a drag car and quite surprising in a circuit racer. The tail becomes alive, but not so that it’s impossible to control. Only so that you have to be wide awake and paying attention – no time to check the oil pressure now, now your eyes are on the road. It’s over too quick and the straight has disappeared. Now you have to slow it down to an acceptable pace for the corners, although my acceptable pace and the pace that the car is capable of, are two considerably different things.

It’s the culmination of many, many months of hard work, dedication and collaboration. It’s an F30 BMW 335i that was brand new and unmolested when it arrived at Savspeed. It still had the plastic on its seats. The goal was to create a new, modern Extreme car and to have it done, as much as possible, locally. That meant sourcing local parts where possible and using local talent.

The N55 turbo motor was pulled and it sits one side deliberately. Sav and his team of mad scientists are still busy developing the motor for use in this car, but they decided to drop in a motor that they could build in their sleep for use in the meantime.

They slotted in a B30 3.0 litre M3 motor with a sizeable Garrett GT42 turbo on. In the block is a set of JE pistons and Carillo conrods, attached to the stock crank and held together with ARP fastners. The head was sorted by Don and Wayne from JR Cylinder Head Services and fitted with a custom spec Shrick cam to the boost. The fuelling was beefed up with an Acromotive setup that uses RC injections. A Powermods ECU controls the engine and helps it make as much as 675kW and 900Nm torque when the boost is dialled up. To get this power around a track without ending up facing the wrong direction, a KW coil over kit was employed while the control arms and suspension goodies were fabricated locally. This allows Sav to run wide, custom rims with Goodyear racing sticks. It also helps him get around the track in a blistering time. Zwartkops is negotiated in 1:03 minutes while Kyalami is a frightful 1:45 minutes. Inside the car there’s an all-enveloping roll cage, crafted by Andrew Harris and custom switches all around the cabin – from the centre console to the roof. To keep an eye on vitals, a small bank of gauges rests on the dashboard, the only remaining part of the F30 interior. In its binnacle is a stack on board computer that acts as a tachometer and gives additional readouts, including lap times. It’s neat and tidy but it’s noisy and hot, the way a race car should be. No creature comforts here.

The body is a custom creation that took a lot of planning and work. The airflow was calculated and tweaked by Tony Collaro who was intrinsically invested in this project, did this with the aide of experienced hand, Franco di Matteo. It directs air away from the busy wheel arches and turbulent undercarriage and generates downforce to help the car corner quickly.

It’s dominated by a massive rear wing and ground effects diffuser at the rear while the front has a wide and low splitter. There’s no doubting its purpose or presence, yet it is still undeniably an F30 BMW. This wouldn’t have been possible without a lot of help and as such, Sav has to thank the following people for the hard work and dedication: Tony Collaro, Lawrence Ribbi, Johannes Modare, Mike Nephrea, Andrew Harris, Johnny Anoujo, Kevin Smith, Franco di Monro, Domingo de Varvailo, Mark Jones, Michael Broom, Ronaldo, Jerry Luis, Vie Pardol, Johnny (X-Cell), Mike Trafoyer, Johnny Markesoltis, Paul Munro, his son, Lorenzo for his assistance and of course, his beloved wife Annarita who allowed him to fulfil his dream.


The sponsors have helped make this dream a reality and Sav thanks them all: Old Printer, Beemow Spares, Pit Bull Energy drink, JR Cylinder Heads, MBS Carriers, F&R Auto Elec, Ocean Basket, X-Cell Performance, Auto Alpina Boksburg, Re-Nu-A-Mag, Chris Familitaris, Wayne and Don Lowett, Kobus van Vuuren, Rob Gearing, Gerhard Krige and Raphael Mambuse.


Sav will be competing in the 2015 Extreme Festival against some heavy metal. Pull through and show support!

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